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Professional bike fitting for all levels of riders.  From basic saddle height and bar reach to full custom fitting for road and MTB.  Need to know how your suspension set up will affect your geometry and bike position?  We're the pros.  Want to get more aero on your road bike without sacrificing power? - we can help!

Come on in or call to ask about the different fitting services we have to help you get the most out of your ride


Two of the most important contact points between you ans your bike!

Buying a new saddle or shoes?  Make sure they are set up correctly to ensure all your parts are feeling good.

Poorly adjusted cleats can quickly lead to knee and hip pain as well as loss of power. Be sure to get it addressed early before causing and long term use injuries.


BASIC FIT $49.99

Basic bike fit is a good value for the recreational cyclist looking to get into a more comfortable position on their longer rides. Or for someone purchasing a new bike that needs some subtle tweaks to customize their bike fit to their body.
Included in the basic bike fit:

• Rider interview
• Saddle height and fore/aft
• Handlebar and reach adjustment
• Shifter/brake reach and angle
• Basic body positioning


The Professional Fit is good for anyone rides or races significantly and would like to optimize their fit for speed and power. Unique fit for Triathlon, Road, or Mountain bike as required. This fit is much more detailed than the basic fit and is guaranteed to get you into a more comfortable and efficient position on your bike.


  • Interview  for riding issues, history, and goals.
  • All items in basic fit
  • Flexibility Test
  • Saddle selection/ recommendations
  • Stem length and position
  • Handlebar width and position/ Aero bar pad positioning
  • Includes cleat fit
  • Recommendations for new product to improve fit 
  • Suspension adjustment

Don’t let a nasty fork failure or a worn out drivetrain ruin your next ride. Love yourself and your bike and schedule service today!

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