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As a Framed dealer, Tryon bike supports Framed's desire to "produce highly engineered bikes that are priced so all cyclists, regardless of socio-economic standing," can enjoy a great ride. No need to keep skipping meals in an effort to afford your next bike...come check out their high quality, yet extremely affordable options!

About Framed:

Whether you're purpose to pedal is to combat traffic congestion, stay healthy, be the cool kid or to lessen your environmental impact, Framed has models for all ages and riding abilities and are priced on principle, not profit. For this simple reason is why our family-owned business remains true to its vision where great bikes do not have have to be expensive or complicated. We want everyone to enjoy the countless benefits of cycling.

At Framed, we build unique bikes which allow us to escape into a world where both carbon and human footprints simply do not exist. So unleash one of these two-wheel beasts and enhance freedom, promote exploration and recapture youth. Join our close-knit family and live life to pedal.

For more information about Framed and their line-up, please visit: www.framedbikes.com


We've got a selection of mountain, road, fat and cross bikes just waiting for you to enjoy. Check our bike brands.

We keep our prices low by being selective and carefully choosing which products to stock. We have all sorts of goodies in stock- everything from Chris King, Stan's NoTubes, to Niner, and much, much more! If it is not in stock, we can get it and likely at a competitive price. Its how we started, and still what we do.

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