Author Topic: Put a 1.5 Tapered Steerer Fork on my 1997 Super V Frame  (Read 5870 times)


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Put a 1.5 Tapered Steerer Fork on my 1997 Super V Frame
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:53:42 PM »
I could not find anyone else doing this online yet, so I will share my experience.

I installed a 1.5 tapered steerer fork into a 1997 headshok frame that did not have the integrated headset.  The frame had pre-installed headset cups.

For the top part of the headset on the new fork I used a Woodman Headshok to 1 1/8th reducer headset and it worked beautifully.  Others that have reviewed this headset have cited issues (specifically with regard to an o-ring).  There was no o-ring in the current version.

For the bottom part of the headset, I used the KP119 reducer headset to 1.5" steerer from  This headset was only designed for frames that had the integrated heaset, not the cups that were pressed into the frame.  From this headset I used the lower cartridge bearing and the crown race.

For the lower part I also had to use one of the headset cups that were originally installed on the frame.

The part that baffles me is that Cannondale says this frame (non- SI/headshok) is not compatible with 1.5 steerer tubs period and also that says the reducer headset is not compatible with the original cups pressed into the frame.  However, the outer diameter of the cartridge bearings in the headshok to 1.5 reducer headset is identical to the outer diameter of the bearings that were originally installed in the headshok headset. 

I had no trouble pressing this cartridge bearing into the headset cup and was able to successfully install the fork with no play in it whatsoever.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE that I am missing, or if there was a legimate structural reason for not placing this steerer or those headsets in the cups that get pressed to the frame.

Thanks to Tryon bike for the idea/tons of information!  I definitely psyched to finish this build throughout the year.

Does anyone have a torque spec. for the black bolt for the pivot point.  I have mine torqued to either 5 or 6 nM, with a bit of loc-tite in there.

A few other notes about the setup so far: Front Fork is a 2014 Fox 36 Talas 160/120.  I did both the shock tab mods and rear swingarm swap.  The rear shock is a 7.5x2.0 2016 Fox float dps inline with remote lever. 


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Re: Put a 1.5 Tapered Steerer Fork on my 1997 Super V Frame
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2015, 11:08:21 AM »
Sorry I did not see this earlier! 

You should not have any problems with the headset configuration. You are using the 1.5 adapter as intended.

As for pivot torque, you can find that information here:
The main pivot should be at 27Nm with no loctite.


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Re: Put a 1.5 Tapered Steerer Fork on my 1997 Super V Frame
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2015, 04:03:41 PM »
Just a few more notes. 

With the 160/120 adjustable Talas fork on the front the headtube angles are 67.7/70 degrees respectively. 

The rear shock is a fox float dps inline (7.5x2.0).  I weigh 200 with a camelback on.  I get the 25% sag (psi) at about 315 psi.  After a few rides in the Appalachians (rocky trails) I was at most 80% of full travel with rebound dampening at its limit.  Dropping the psi to 270 gives me about 31-32% sag (~15.5 mm) and much more rebound dampening control.  So far without any huge rides yet I am reaching about 90% of travel.  I am avoiding adding in air volume spacers since this will only lower my pressure and blow through travel faster in the lower end.  Pedal bob with this setup is long gone and i am certainly pleased/impressed!  I get much more brake squat from the front fork than i do the rear shock and that has been addressed by simply adjusting the low speed compression.

So far the ride has been great.  The distance between the steerer tube and seat is shorter than initially imagined, but its helping my jumps and with the wider bars its working out okay.